Miriam - M. Reslová


Miriam – the new Czech play by contemporary playwright Lenka Lagronová – was recently staged by Jan Nebeský at the Prague Chamber Theatre (Divadlo Komedie). The play relates the story of two young, lonely women to the Virgin Mary, who symbolizes the epitome of the destiny of women, motherhood and motherly love for the generation of Christians.


Věrka and Mirka, meet in an old Jewish cemetery. One takes care of the place – cutting the grass. The other wanders into the situation here where the first is pondering with the idea of voluntarily taking her own life. The play is not a search for an analogy of the life of Mary, but more the story of two women who have not succeeded in their maternal fate; it is about their desires, dreams, feelings of helplessness and the search for their starting point, their direction. In this sense, Nebeský´s production applies itself, sensitively creating the context that is often a not completely conscious or naïve reflection of the author, but is very authentic.




The production takes place in a space that is symbolically contained by several rows of bricks – a house, that has already become overgrown with weeds, whose construction has barely begun. Inside, an unsightly package of unfinished dresses hangs – their owners longed to wear them in their lives but never had the opportunity. Both women try on the garments, fool around, behaving like two best friends who have just been reunited after being separated for several years. It is the world similar to a child’s game, that soon begins (albeit with humour) to head straight towards death. Toward death means hope, as it is the beginning of the New World for Christians. Both of the women, it seems, who have reconciled with life, together fall asleep in the middle of a field of thyme. Suddenly, above their heads, a statue of the pregnant Mary leans over them – they recently discovered this statue somewhere in a corner wrapped in cellophane and left on a wall. Half miracle, half life-threatening incident.



Both actresses (Lucie Trmíková as Věrka and Gabriela Míčová as Mirka) are precisely characters, who could perhaps be one and the same. With the consciousness that they are moving toward the border of tragic absurdity, they do not fight back the humour and the definite opinion that the clever theme thrives on. However, they thoroughly avoid all derogative irony. At the same time, they find within themselves enough devoutness and purity that they are able to elevate this “Old Maid’s” tale to a level of beauty and absorbability.



Prague Chamber Theatre (Divadlo Komedie): Lenka Lagronová - Miriam

Direction Jan Nebeský, dramaturgy Kateřina Šavlíková, design Jana Preková

World premiere March 24, 2005, Prague

Photograph courtesy of the Prague Chamber Theatre.


The play has been translated into English. More information is available from the

Dilia Literary and Theatrical Agency - www.dilia.cz/en


More information (in Czech) and other photos from the production are available at:

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